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Most of you know I’ve been on a health journey for a little over 5 years. I saw myself getting older with medication increasing. Every year I was beginning to physically move less and less. That was such a huge wake up call in my life.
To be quite honest, during those 5 years I only focused on food. How much “healthy” food I could have in a day? I told myself, “hey, it’s healthy!” I can have as much as I want anytime I want right? It’s healthy food!
This mindset lead me to yo-yo dieting between the same 30lbs For 4 Years! I was never able to kick the weight.
I never had a real conversation with myself about what I was really doing. I was in denial about my habits.
As of 7/31/2021 I’ve lost 56.2lbs since. I am in new territory I haven’t seen since 10-11th grade, and that was 23 years ago!
I have had a shift in mindset. I see things though a clearer lens, and I just don’t act the same way any more.
Are you ready to get real? Reach out. Let me personally help you. Let’s do this together. Lets support each other on the road to ultimate long-term health.

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John Palir