Q: So how do I pronounce “Palir”?

A: We get that a lot! Lets clear things up… “Pay – Ler”

Q: How can I purchase a guitar?

A: Direct custom orders estimate at 180 days. Fill out the Order Form under the Order Tab on our Home Page to receive a quote. Can’t wait that long? We also have many Dealers who carry new and used guitars that are in stock and ready to go. Some stores also offer Gear Trade-In Programs. Visit the Dealer tab on our Home page to see a list of Authorized Dealers. If your still out of luck… Reverb, eBay, Guitar Center etc… are great places to pick up new and used Palir® Guitars.

Q: Can my order take longer than the 180 day estimate?

A: Yes, It also could be complete sooner than the 180 day estimate. This strictly depends on our suppliers, weather conditions, trade-shows, business travel, medical conditions, surgery, vacations, or any unforeseen event.

Q: Is their anyone I know that plays your guitars?

A: Possibly… Visit the Home and About Tab to check!

Q: Where can I see your work?

A: For a small sampling, visit the Gallery Tab on the Home Page. For an in depth view, visit our Facebook Albums.

Q: Why should I buy your guitars?

A: Simple… Comfort, Tone, and Clarity. Oh… and some look pretty cool too!

Q: Why did Palir® Guitars close Nov 2019 and reopen in Feb 2021?

A: John Palir suffered a severe Radial Nerve Damage Injury to the right arm during a routine blood drawl. After a ton of nerve injections and therapies, this nerve damage injury lead to Radial Tunnel Surgery. John took this time off to let his right arm heal.

Q: Wow… How is John now?

A: John still has loss of right arm strength and radial nerve pains along the entire right arm to the right hand. It is unknown if the strength will come back or if the nerve pains will go away at this point, but Palir® Guitars is powering on anyway. We may not be able to build a ton each year due to this, but we can still move Palir® Guitars forward!

Q: I bought a guitar, but I need a spec sheet so I know more about it.

A: Due to the high amount of guitars built since 2012, this information is impossible for us to provide. The original owner and/or store would have this information on their original invoices.

Q: Do you also offer refinishing, repair, or setup services?

A: No, Although we do take an occasional Local Repair or Setup Job. *Pricing rates vary.

Q: Will you swap out my current neck (or any other part) on my current Palir Guitar for a new one? I’d like to change the specs.

A: No. A new order for a full custom build will need to be placed.

Q: Do you sale parts such as pickguards, hardware, or other guitar related parts or non-related guitar parts for individual sale?

A: Yes. Check out the “Shop” tab on the main page to see if we have any stock available.

Q: Can I visit your shop?

A: Prior to Johns nerve injury we had a public shop. At this time we have chosen to keep Palir® Guitars a very small home based business on our home property. John is open to meet ups outside the property to discuss custom builds locally. When trade-shows kick back off those are a great place to meet up as well.

Q: How I become an Authorized Palir® Guitar Dealer?

A: Fill out the Dealer Form located at the bottom of the Dealer Tab on our Home Page. A Brick and Mortar Location is required or an Established Internet Business with a sales history and presence in the Gear Industry. *Applications are reviewed for approval on a case by case basis. Approvals require several considerations such as demographic location, company values, current brands carried, etc…

Q: Are your guitars Handmade or CNC?

A: After John’s right arm nerve damage injury, all our guitars are rough cut on a CNC.

Q: Who comes up with the designs, sprays the finish, ages the guitars, completes the setups, installs electronics, hardware, fit and finish, and everything else with the guitars?

A: John Palir

Q: Does my new guitar come with a warranty?

A: Yes, All new orders come with a 1 Year Warranty Card.

Q: I have noticed some fret buzz. What should I do?

A: Some fret buzz is normal. This can depend on each players unique fretting technique. You can also visit the Setup Tips Tab on our Home page. If you think you need additional setup advice we recommend finding a local shop that offers setup services.

Q: I have questions that are not answered here. What should I do?

A: Make sure you have read the entire site including disclosers, warranty, and other information listed.

Other Info:

  • All deposits are non-refundable. We do not give away our labor for free.
  • Unclaimed Guitars will be listed for sale after 90 days has passed.